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Over the past few years there are two questions that we hear the most. They are "how come I don't get any leads from my website?" and it's cousin "why doesn't my website rank higher in the search engines?"

Business owners spend money having a website built by a professional developer. Some want to save money by using a family member to create the site.


Either way the business owner anticipates that the website will generate sales. When sales don't appear frustration creeps occurs. One business owner in this situation flatly stated "the internet doesn't work!" This is the same person that uses Google, email, online banking and shops at Amazon.

Of course the internet does work if it is worked correctly.

Our FREE presentation will explain to business owners how to remedy the situation and have the website start earning its keep.

The  presentations will be informal, informative and last about 1 hour.


For maximum benefit to attendees the presentations will be limited to small groups of 2-4 business owners only.

Who should attend?

As a business owner if you feel your site is underwhelming in any manner whatsoever you should attend one of our presentations.

Principals only please.

We insist that only business owners or principals should attend. Why? Because you have a vested interest in the growth of your company. Salaried employees simply do not have the same passion for the firm.

What will you learn?

You will leave the presentation with information that you can implement immediately to start generating sales through your site.


We will explain inbound leads, why your site is not ranking in the search engines and why you are FORCING prospects to go to your direct competitor, (Yes that is happening!) and how to move forward the minute you leave the presentation.

Why are we giving away all this free information?

First of all, these presentations are NOT thinly veiled sales pitches. There will NOT be books and tapes for sale at the back of the room on your way out!

We are conducting these seminars because we want to share our knowledge with business owners to help them grow.

There's absolutely no obligation or "catch."

Join us at one of the presentations, you have everything to gain!

Please reserve your place here


When reserving your spot please include your website address in the form.

That way we can be more prepared to answer your specific questions at the presentation.

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